I’m here to create great images for you.

With every project I take on my main priority is to exceed your goals and expectations. I am constantly thinking about how I can really help push your brand forward. I love to work closely with my clients so that you feel involved and comfortable from start to finish. I always love to push the limits on the projects I am involved with - I believe that taking creative risks is what really brings projects to a whole new level.


Pricing for commercial photography is generally broken down into 4 sections.

1. Creative Fee

The creative fee is based on the number of commissioned images, estimated length of the shoot, project deadlines, and the complexity of the shoot. As an example, a photo of a coffee mug on a white background would be a simple and quick photo to take whereas something like an exploding beer bottle would require a higher creative fee due to the additional time and planning involved.

2. Image Usage
Image licenses can vary greatly, let's have a chat and see what best suits your needs.  Larger companies who may expose the images to a larger audience can expect to pay industry-standard usage fees.

3. Expenses

Expenses are unique to every shoot and may include but are not exclusive to; gear rentals, specialty equipment, supplies, studio/location rentals, props, food stylist, travel, models, parking, assistants etc.

4. Post Processing/ Retouching

Because this phase is highly variable and can be just as time-intensive as the shoot itself, it is usually billed hourly in addition to the base shoot costs

Contracts & Deposit

A signed agreement/contract and non-refundable 50% booking fee are required before the start of any project. The remaining balance is billed after the completion of the job

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